Sunday, April 17, 2011

Semana Dos

Week two of ministry has passed! This last week has been very challenging and testing for all of us. This is a run down of what we have been up to:

Monday; On this day we went to a street kids programme where there were about 15 children aged around 6-12. They spent most of their time on the streets because there was no-one to look after them at their homes. We played with them, did crafts, games and showed them a drama. On our team we have a 4 year old boy called Eli, and he felt like he should give away his shoes to one of the street kids. They were his most favorite trainers, but he decided to give them away to a boy who had no shoes. The little boy's face just lit up as he recieved these new trainers, and he was finally able to safely run around. He did this proudly, and it was so precious!

Tuesday: This was a free day! This was also the day that my computer decided to hate me! On this day we just wandered around a near-by town called Rosarito. We looked through the markets and their mexican Wal-mart!

Wednesday: This was probably my best day so far. We woke up at 5.30 to go to the orphanage again, and we made quesadillas. It was precious. I just want to steal all the babies away! In the afternoon we went to a poor community and looked around and prayed. We would be working there, building bathrooms in the next few days so we wanted to check out the area. All the houses were made up of cardboard.. random wood.. random bricks.. nothing the same. The guys on our team spent the rest of the week digging a hole to provide a bathroom for a family. In the evening I went with the team to the feeding the homeless ministry. It was so intense, I was praying the whole way through. There was around 50 homeless guys who had lined up for food, and we served them until there was none left over. Many of them were doing drugs but the sad thing was that many of them were under the age of 30. Meh. I pray for them often.

Thursday & Friday: These days were just prep for the weekend. We did shopping for prizesand also helped some Mexican children with their homework.. interesting days!

Saturday: On this day we went to help a church clean up and serve their community. We painted a wall that had graffiti on it, all white and then our talented aritist, Flow, Did a design on it that preached the gospel. It was magnificent! Later on, we went around to random homes and planted trees for them, and offered to pray. 

Sunday: Best church I have ever been too.. It is hard to explain.. let's just leave it at that. In the afternoon we did a kids programme with games, prizes, cake, drama's, dances, etc. This weekend had been so tiring! But so productive. :) This is the run down of last week! Now to get personal... This has been a more emotionally exhausting week for me, there is alot of stuff going on that is affecting the team which must mean we are doing something right? If this week has been stressful then I am just thinking about the 5th week of ministry.. God help us! Anyways I am shattered so this is all for now folks! Thanks for taking the time to read this :)

'Though a mighty army surrounds me
My heart will not be afraid,
Even if I am attacked
I will remain confident' -Psalm 27:3

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