Thursday, April 28, 2011

Si Senor!

Hola Mundo!
(Hey World!)

It is currently week three of ministry and I am loving it so mucho grande. Last sunday our team moved down south an hour to a city called Ensenada. We are staying here for 10 days (It's been 4 days already) and we will be engaging in the community, serving the people and building homes! On Monday & Tuesday, we went to a migrant camp, which is an area where people stay at when they travel across Mexico to cross the border but then change their minds. The houses were probably 4x4 meters in total area, with a dirt floor and no electricity. We painted the whole interior of one house for a family and it totally lit up the room, since these houses have no windows. Our prayer is that the light in the house will be more than just painted walls, but hope and faith for the future. On wednesday we ran a kids programme, doing dramas and games with the kids. It was cool, It seems that every time we go somewhere and do a similar programme, it is always different in some way, and something different stands out to me. =] In the past week I have been blessed beyond measure and I am praying that each day will hold a new challenge, giving me a chance to grow in different areas of my life. It's hard at the time, but the end result will be a happy one :) Our teams plans for the next few days is to be helping out with the national Mexican holiday 'Dia de el nino' -Day of the child. This day is set apart to honour kids and thei existence. Our team has been invited to take part in abit of this celebration in the city we are staying at. Over sunday and monday, we will be building a house with homes of hope. the $5000 has been provided to build he house, which is a miracle :) I am so grateful for all of your prayers, love and support, physically and emotionally.

Buenas Dias!
-A brother and Sister I saw sitting together


Hanging out in a poor community, with a newly made bathroom in the background

Dios te bendiga!

"There is no fear in love. But perfect love casts out all fear." 1 John 4:18

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